Portable Mobile


Lightweight Tripod Lighting Tower

When looking for a portable, easy to manage lightweight tripod lighting tower, look no further than our MHM Lightower Baselight (LED-6).

GW 5/225 PRO-RT
4.5m Mast
set up in under one minute
extreamly light weight only 35kg
Features & Benefits
  • 6 x 70W LED fully adjustable swivel, tilt & dimmable lighting head (230V or 110V power required)
    Illuminates 2,800m2 @ 5 lux
  • 4.5m vertical aluminium manual mast
    For quick, easy and simple erection
  • Can be powered from either a small generator "from 1kVA", a rechargeable battery pack or mains power
    Multiple power options allowing 100% fl exibility on site
  • 3 x foldable stabiliser legs
    Total stability for both indoor and outdoor use
  • 2 x solid roller bearing wheels
    For easy portability and set up
  • Very compact when stowed
    For ease of storage & transport

Weights & Dimensions

  Transport mode Operating mode
(stabiliser legs out, mast up)
Length 1200 mm 2200 mm
Width 300 mm 2200 mm
Height 300 mm 4500 mm
Weight   35 kg
Socket Configuration
1ph (230V) 1ph (110V)
32A 16A 32A 16A
- 1 - 1

Light is dual volatage (230v/110v), so either plug can be used.

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