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Mobile SolarLighting tower on road-tow trailer

ST-9  (LED-4)

DIESEL FREE Lighting Tower

When looking for an advanced, industry-suited, eco friendly mobile solar only lighting tower, our ST-9 (LED-4) has everything the market requires.

ST-9 (LED-4)
8.5m Mast
Led Lights
Solely designed for UK & Ireland weather conditions
Dusk 'til Dawn Sensor'
Features & Benefits
  • 4 x 100W LED fully adjustable 360° swivel and tilt lighting head
    2,400m2 of illuminated light coverage
  • 9m vertical stainless steel mast
    For quick, simple and easy set-up
  • 670W fully tiltable roof mounted solar panels
    Take advantage, harvest and store, renewable power
  • Heavy duty, deep cycle batteries
    Ample power to support most site lighting requirements all year round, with no other power support or back-up power
  • Central lifting eye + front and back fork pockets
    For flexible and safe loading and off-loading
  • 4 x easy pull, fully adjustable stabiliser legs
    For nice, simple and easy usability & set-up
  • Complete on road-tow trailer
    For easy transport and on site use
NO Noise
zero fuel costs

Optional Extras

GPS Telemetry Tracker
GPS Telemetry Tracker
Power Performance Telemetry
Power Performance Telemetry
Vandal & Shatter-Proof Solar Panels
Vandal & Shatter-Proof Solar Panels

Weights & Dimensions

  (Storage mode, mast down, stabiliser legs in) (Operation mode, mast up, stabiliser legs out)
Length 3400mm 3400mm
Width 1460mm 2660mm
Height 2570mm 9000mm
Weight 1500kg 1500kg

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